BGI Security Safeguards


Your account activity is hidden as it travels over the Internet to our servers thanks to our strong 128-bit, two-way data encryption. Look for the "https:" at the beginning of the web address to know it's working. You'll see it before you even log in.

Customer confirmation

Whether you visit us online or by phone, we always verify your identity before granting access to your accounts.

Systems surveillance

We're on the lookout for suspicious irregularities across our network and infrastructure every day, all day. We’ll promptly alert you if we spot a problem that affects you.


Firewalls are protective barriers that defend BGI’s networks and computer systems from hackers and cyberattacks trying to gain access into our systems. We use some of the strongest firewalls available in the industry to guard the information housed in our servers.

Host Level Intrusion Detection /Intrusion Preventive Systems (IDS/IPS)

A host IDS and IPS is deployed on each protected machine. IDS analyzes data local to that machine such as system log files, audit trails and file system changes. IPS is used to actively monitor the download and removal of data, and will alert users if the information contains unauthorized data.

Fraud detection

We monitor transactions for suspicious and unusual behavior to ensure that they are authentic and legitimate.

Security at our offices

Our security measures extend far beyond our website. We vigilantly monitor all work areas in order to prevent theft. In addition, authorized personnel can only enter work areas through use of a security badge.

Restricted access

We limit access to systems containing customer data to only those employees who have a “need to know.” We continually monitor access and only grant it to new people on a case-by-case basis.

Data protection

All BGI resources agree when joining the Company to a form of confidentiality/non-disclosure agreement or specific confidentiality undertaking in their agreements of employment. BGI resources must understand and comply fully with these terms upon commencing work at BGI, and keep information confidential that comes into their possession or control in connection with employment with BGI. This includes internal BGI information as well as information relating to clients and third parties, and applies at any time during and after employment. In addition, the Company may enter into NDAs or confidentiality agreements with other companies or clients, which cover all representatives of BGI.

Contact us

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the security of your information, please contact us.