20+ People Whom Turned Old Dolls Towards Planters And Scared The Hell Out Of The Next-door Neighbors

Gardening season is upon us, it is the right time to get our hands dirty and deliver some shade and life to the backyards and screen sills. Nevertheless, rather than heading right down to the Do-it-yourself shop for similar old synthetic and porcelain containers, test this brand new style that is showing up on Instagram: Doll planters.

That is correct. Those creepy old dolls, all lifeless eyes and empty expressions, make more macabre, creative plant pots. Exactly what much better method to spook out of the next-door neighbors? Those pesky children whom keep throwing the baseball into the lawn will think hard after witnessing these!

For motivation, we only at us have actually put together a summary of among the better doll planters on the market. Haven’t any old dolls lying around? Check out the local thrift shop or flea marketplace, you’re sure to get a few. All that’s necessary then is a-sharp blade, some earth and only a little imagination! Scroll down below to test all of them completely yourself, also remember to upvote your faves!